Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do

It never fails to amaze me how easily people are manipulated. Today's media has America wrapped around its little pinkie. For example Oprah tells you to read a book on new age philosophy and it becomes a best seller and people change there lives to live how Oprah says to live. I think the most upsetting part of it all is people take what they hear from celebrities or news anchors as hard facts and absolute truth. There "truth" is what they want you to believe. They know you will just take it and run with it. You will never challenge what they say and you will never do your own research. And if anyone challenges what they say you will make sure to mock them in your arrogant superior way.After all you know best you are informed, you watch the news and read the newspaper. In reality you are just a puppet. The sad part is the people you put all your faith and trust in think you are incapable of making your own decisions so they will have to make them for you. Honestly I could go on like this for paragraphs and paragraphs but I wont. All you have to do is look around. Turn on your TV watch how the teens emulate every trashy thing they see on mtv how the kids channels are making fun of Christians and their beliefs (my son was so upset that one of his favorite channels made fun of something he believes so strongly in) . Look in your grocery store and see how your food rights have been taken from you. And soon you wont be able to decide how you heal your own body. You have no part in your childs public school education. And the very WORST PART IS as a people we dont care! We take what the Government and Big Corporations (very often the same people are involved on both sides) and say thank you can I have another. We put our trust in them because they give us things. They give us things to take our  freedoms knowing we wont notice or wont care because whats in our hands is shiny and new. Please dear friends OPEN your eyes and dont take things at face value. Dont just pick a side and stick with it. If we want to save our Nation WE as a PEOPLE have got to THINK for OURSELVES. Bad things are coming dont get caught with your pants down


  1. First, I'd like to say I respect that you have your own mind and seem to be well informed for most of your posts, generally that's hard to find.
    Secondly, there's quite a bit of irony in your post, dramatic irony. See where you rebuke the average citizen for not being critical of their own belief system and complete lack of investigating secondary sources of information to corroborate their stance in those beliefs, well that's the part that is ironic. The reason is that, that admonishment can be directly applied to your own cherished belief system(in fact it can be said of any belief system, but that's another ball of wax). My question to you, is have you turned that spotlight on every facet of your own belief system? I wonder have you investigated how many iterations the bible has gone through in the past 2000+ years. Have you actually read the bible(in it's current inception) cover to cover? How do you feel about slavery? How do you explain (to yourself) the inherent contradictions between books of the bible, with the claim that the bible is absolutely true?
    Also, don't take from my questions that I feel I have a superior position to judge you from, I don't, no on has a superior position to judge anyone. That's not the purpose of the questions, the purpose of the questions is to see if you have actually taken your own words of admonishment to heart. If so, then you must have answers to those questions, because they are critical questions one must ask themselves when objectively considering the veracity of the bible. If you haven't an answer to those questions, then you are just as blindly following your religion as those you are criticizing.

  2. Thank you for the comment guttacavatlapidem.You ask very good questions. I in fact have read the Bible mostly from cover to cover, I'll be honest I may have just skimmed through some of the old testament books of law. Old Testament law has been fulfilled by the birth,death and resurrection,of Jesus Christ. I have done my research on the Bible and all the forms it has and is now in but I am by no means an expert on such. I have tried other belief systems and I was just not satisfied with any of them.My question to you is why out of everything I wrote did you chose to focus on the Bible? I am not criticizing only "non believers" Christians are just as guilty if not more so to putting up blinders as most just want to blend in to the world.Again thank you for the response I was smiling from ear to ear as I read it. You may have just given me a new topic to blog about!

  3. ps I really like the meaning of your screen name. I think it fitting of you.

    Gutta cavat lapidem:
    Constant dripping wears the stone

  4. Love what you had to say and how you said it.

    Thank you for sharing...

    Miss your "dog days are over" song.

  5. why is it that your small comment about you son's faith turned into the lengthy comment about you and your misguided belief instead of what appeared to be your real message of corporate and governmental disinformation and our apathy towards it? funny how the mere mentioning of Christ sets people into a tizzy!

  6. for some weird reason, blogger won't let me post.... in case it does this time i've responded on my blog...