Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Come Just as You Are *may be offensive to some*

For years now I have seen these coexist bumper stickers. What a bunch of crap really. The idea is nice in theory but impossible. Why? Well when it comes down to it most of us will want the other to believe what we believe. Are you just going to say "oh ok you think i'm wrong about why i think i exist and my core values. no biggie" My guess is no. For example, I believe Jesus is the only way to heaven and with out him, his grace and salvation you dont go to heaven... end of story. Which of you did this upset? I mean how could I possibly think this right? What gives me the right to say who is going to heaven and who is not? WE are all good people right?  How close minded do you think I am right now? Dont you want to change my mind? Your beliefs make far more sense right? Does any one see where i am going with this?
NO we will never peacefully coexist. I think 9/11, the Holocaust, the whole slavery thing, Israelite's and Palestinian's fighting over Israel [which does all belong to the Jews in my opinion.( ooops I bet i just made someone upset again)] and well really I could go on but I wont. Where am I going with this? Stop telling me I need to be more tolerant of your ideas when you cant tolerate mine. Hey people I love you all just as you are really I do. Keep preachin your crazy ideas and I'll do the same (even tho I am right and you are soo not)
As always LIVE, LAUGH and above all LOVE