Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Country Life and Love

Today I was in the shower thinking, honestly most of my ideas come to me in the shower, about  what i was going to write a blog about. I settled on the idea of love. Love is a tricky thing, it comes so easy for some things but so hard for others. For example it is easy to love my family but it is difficult to love politicians. Yeah my blog was going to be a rant about how we should love each other as we would want to be loved. After all dont we all just want to be loved? But then i thought what good will this do? Every one knows hate is bad but we all do it. I could say love as Jesus loves us, but what does that matter to people who dont believe in Jesus?Love could change the world thats for sure, but I look around and see the hardness in hearts. And thinking about it overwhelms my soul. So instead of preaching a message of how one should love I am going to just simply live it and hope it catches on as a way of life.
Speaking of ways of life, I just finished reading a novel based on the Amish. Those are some hard core people. A little to hard core for my modern tastes. They have this Family based system thats amazing. I have noticed the more dysfunctional the family, the more dysfunctional the individual. So in an effort to give my children the best I am going to focus on a more family based system than a worldy based system. Lets see the world tells us to get get get. It tells us we need things, status, money, lovers, and the newest of gadgets. Honestly there is nothing wrong with nice things, I like nice things. But to focus and strive for it instead of sturdy long lasting loving relationships is not how to build a happy future.I look at the life i  use to want and have and its silly. I was lonely all the time and hurting. Where as the life i have now is full of love and joy. and by the way maybe you dont have a blood family maybe its a group of loyal friends it doesnt matter. Or maybe you have family and you all dont get along for some reason or another, maybe try to reconnect. I know i am getting off the topic here......  The problem here is i have a lot to say and i tend to trail off . 
OK so family matters and thats where my country life comes in. I wont lie it is easier when you are disconnected from the hustle and bustle of city life it is easier to think about what really matters. For me when i am in wide open spaces my soul quiets and i can feel God and His love, when that happens i have more love to give to my family. Its when i can look at a project like moving a chicken coop and starting a garden not as a lot of work but as a time to come together as a family and share each others company. to laugh and have a great time. This past weekend I went to my In laws house to move the chicken coop so we can plant a larger garden. It was a hot long weekend and i was sick and got a sunburn, but I had a blast. We had some laughs and the cousins got to run around in the fresh country air and play their little hearts out. And when the coop was moved and the yard was up around it we got to chase the birds down in the dark and put them all in. It sounds like a lot of work, and it was, but we all laughed and acted like kids. Nathan dove into the dirt at one point in time trying to catch a duck. We were down on our hands and knees looking under trucks for renegade fowl. A former marine screamed and ran from a flock of geese. I got pooped on by a chicken. it was so fun! Honestly I have totally lost my train of thought and so I am going to stop writing before I confuse you any more than I already have. Maybe next time i will write it out on paper first and edit it before it goes up for you.
Live, Laugh, and above all LOVE.

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