Friday, April 8, 2011


Monday I will be 28. I'm that much closer to 30! The funny thing is 30 frightens me but 40 does not. Who knows why?What does one do in their 30's? I think a big part of it is not being in my 20's anymore. You know an official grown up. Maybe it feels a little like the end of youth. But now that I think about it, I didnt care for most of my youth. Not that there wasn't good times, just far and few between. Most of the bad times were all caused by some stupid thing or things I did. Why should I be afraid of moving out of my youth. What a stupid time filled with stupid mistakes! How many of you look back now and say "If I knew then what I know now!"? The sad part now is watching young woman make the sames mistakes or worse ones. Why is it we feel invincible? Do we always have to make our own mistakes? I pray my kids never make the ones I did and still do. To be completely honest I think todays youth are far worse and way more self destructive than any of us were. Its not that they are growing up to fast, its just that they are being exposed to adult content in a morally void way. In there young minds they see what the world is showing and flock to it like sheep. I still am guilty of this at times. How can they be expected to do the right thing if we cant even teach them what the right thing is! My awesome friend Tiffany Miller wrote on her facebook "I wish people would realize that real love is greater, and safer than lust.."  
She is right on the mark with this one. Raise your hand if Lust has led you to pain, loss, brokenness?  Funny that i am on the subject of Love again. I think everything boils down to love or the lack of love.  Even the rebelliousness of our youth. If we loved them enough to shelter them from overt sexuality and the notion that random hook ups are ok. That drugs and alcohol are cool. Maybe if we hold onto them and tell them "You are special, you are perfect, not a single thing is wrong with you. God created you with a great purpose , He loves you and so do I!" Do you think that would help revolutionize the world? Do you think a lot of hurting would end? I think so. 
Well pray for me, and wish me luck... I am off to go practice what i preach.
LIVE LAUGH and above all LOVE

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