Monday, March 28, 2011


Today my plan was to sit at the computer and Google Monsanto subsidiaries and products. My goal was to find who they own and what they make so I can make sure my family avoids them. Whew what a can of worms. This company covers its tracks well thats for sure. I am going to provide a link here for you all to check out.

Needless to say it is going to be difficult to avoid their vast reach. Seeing as the local super Walmarts organic foods could all be carried around in a hand basket. Thank goodness growing season is upon us and i can do my best to grow us some yummy food, that is if the neighborhood cats dont dig up my seedlings again! That was heart breaking for sure.
You know what I would like to do? I want to rent out the little grocery store on the corner and open up my own grocery store with GMO free products. Well thats all I have to rant about right now.
LIVE , LAUGH, and above all  LOVE!

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