Friday, February 25, 2011


i was so excited to get going as a homemaker and then i get sick. wow that slowed me down. the kids were sick i was sick, ick! what a week! we are all doing better today, not totally over it but better. so i am going to kick it into overdrive and do my utmost best to make up for my sick days. on the bright side i caught up on the recent world events, well not such a pretty picture. the world is about to be an even hotter mess than it previously was. one must have faith in times like these. without it times seem scary. i am thinking these are the signs the bible talks about. to long i have been afraid to speak about God like i should. To afraid of what people would think about me. it is easy to forget it is not peoples opinions i should worry about. To all my non believer friends im sorry it is unforgivable of me to not share my full beliefs. i know many of you are bitter or hurt by christians and or God. let me just say God is not those people who have let you down. He is forgiving and loving and has a plan for all of us, we just have to seek him to find out what that is. I urge all of you to pray, dont feel silly about it just start talking out loud to Jesus and see what happens. you can even get mad and just rant and rave. Again it is important to remember people and some of their views are not God. I promise if you genuinely seek Him you will find him. Dont be afraid of what people will think of you. and if your spouse is less than enthusiastic with you wanting to look at His ways its ok. Just keep going for it and they will see the results thru you. i promise we are not all judgmental hypocrites.
Live Laugh and above all Love

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Adventures in homemaking

so heres the deal, everyone who has read most of my posts knows i wanted to be a self sustainable homestead type person. and yeah that is still my long term goal for my family. The idea has been put on hold because i have come to realize there are a whole list of life lessons i should learn first. One is homemaking. before i can build my dream home i should get down how to keep a nice home. a few of you may be thinking, "but wait she is a mother of 3 children she must have kept house before?" and to a degree i have, but my first homes where less than normal as my marriage was dysfunctional to say the least. after that i lived with my parents and was comfortable letting my mother keep house. any of you who have been to my parents house for any occasion know you are cared for very well there. so needless to say i have never really gotten to play my role as wife and mother the proper way. and this is my new job,wife,mother,homemaker. i must confess i am nervous, it is a lot to do.thankfully i have a patient husband who keeps me optimistic. when i fail and get mad and throw a hissy fit he reminds me it takes practice and i will get better and better. my children, poor things, are used to me so it can only get better for them. i am excited to grow as a person and i try not to dwell on my sad past of unimpressiveness. so stay tuned for my adventures in homemaking.

Monday, February 7, 2011

i got married

yeah i am impatient and could not wait until october to get married. in all honesty why wait? i have found the man i never dreamed of. he exceeds any expectation i have ever had. it seems strange to me to feel so loved because i didnt know men could love like this. honestly words really cant explain how i feel about him. God obviously made him just for tell you all the truth i never really grasped God's love till now. you know when the prostitute Mary Magdalene comes to Jesus and weeps at his feet? well i sometimes feel like weeping at Barts feet in thankfulness. you know not tears of sorrow but of overwhelming love and joy. i am even getting a little misty eyed writing this. he makes me so excited for life and my kids too! noah smiles all the time. they all love him! i wrote a blog post awhile about my brother and how he showed me what a father looked like and such. my husband is that man. we are all so happy together as a family. he works so hard for us and i love him. all the things that i have gone thru seem like nothing when i am at his side. and thats where i plan on staying for the rest of our lives. well thats it for now his arms are waiting.