Monday, January 17, 2011

For all you snoopy snoops :P

Ok here it goes...
I met Bart on an online dating site.We talked 7 hours the first night. And we do that almost every night.Although he is the responsible one and cuts us off at 2 am. We talk about everything. I feel safe talking about everything. I knew he was the "one" the first night we talked. I havent really told anyone about him because i didnt want to jinx it.I love him for so many reasons, he is everything a man should be. no its not a crush, its not just lust, its a deeper. why is it? i dont know it just is. Before Bart i only saw me in my future, and was ok with that. Men where intrusive and abusive and that was that. now i cant picture a life with out him.My kids love him, and he cant wait to be there for all of us. im getting married to Bart and thats that! God has given me so much peace with this. thank you all for your kind words and i hope this answers enough of your snoopy snoop questions. if it doesnt ask my mom to answer them, she would love too!
Live Laugh and above all Love

Monday, January 10, 2011


Today i watched Food Matters ( with my parents. I had watched it the night before and was very impressed so of course they HAD to watch it. Any who part of it is about vitamin C. so my dad gets excited because we have some and he proceeds to find it and hand it out. and we all happily chew them up yummy and super sweet. so i decide to read the label. sigh so sad the first ingredient was sugar. i the decide to look thru all of our other supplements and was amazed at how much sugar was in them. please o in your vitamin cabinet and have a look. i threw all ours out. oh and watch that movie!!! its just so sad that we cant even pick up a simple vitamin with out looking for sugar