Thursday, July 29, 2010

heat and chickens

as every one knows its hot in the summer here. i have stopped closing the little door in my chickens coop to make sure they can get out before it gets to hot. yeah its hot at 7 am. so when i called my mom while out today and she tells me that she just opened the coops door my heart dropped. it was 3 pm and it was hot and humid all day. mom assured me they were ok but ran straight to the waterier.whew! apparently my ethan closed the door last night thinking he was helping mommas chickens.thank goodness the goat got out again or i wouldnt have noticed for hours!!!!!! thanks mom for putting the goat away and saving the chickens, i love you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 weeks

I am for many different reasons going to go vegetarian for 2 weeks. Not vegan i'm not insane! I just dont think vegan is natural or healthy for most people. I dont believe the human race could survive with all of us being vegan. So i am sticking with just veg. I guess the would call it lacto something vegetarian since i am not nor will ever give up eggs or dairy. But i know where my eggs and milk come from. My goal is to know what i eat is animal and people friendly and as unprocessed as possible. last night i was researching red dye and i am going to take it out of our diets. i think it will really help the kids especially noah. I dont want to sound like a broken record but i really want people to think about your food. So you buy free range eggs, thats awesome and a great step but i also want you to think about where the eggs in the bread your eating came from or the cream in your coffee even if your coffee is fair trade. dont get overwhelmed and think you need to throw everything away and buy all new product.that would be silly and a waste.for example my grandmother brought us eggs she bought for 99 cents. Great buy for sure and she did it to help us, but you all know how i feel. i didnt refuse the gift and i didnt throw them away thats would waste. I ate them and when i did i was aware and thankful for the poor chickens. i know i sound crazy maybe i am.- i just had to stop to put my goat back in her yard. she is in heat ,or estrus as my book calls it, and keeps getting out to try and get some!
I am hoping this post makes sense and that it helps people look more closely at what goes in there bodies and how it got to the table in the first place. we must be good stewards to this planet that God has blessed us with and all the wonderful creations that inhabit it. one person does make a difference.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


the other day i was out by my chickens and some bug flew into my temple. I swished it away and then smelled a real sweet floral scent. Then my temple started burning so i touched it and i had this sweet smelling liquid, that i am calling acid on my head, a lot of it. i ran into the house to wash it off freaked out it would drip in my eyes and i would go blind.the burning stopped and all was ok. i had no clue what the bug was because truthfully its oklahoma and i stopped paying attention,so i didnt know what to look out for in the future. it was an odd experience for sure.
today i washed down the horses again and filled waters. i let feta and blue play together. so cute! and of course i went into my garden to tend to my "tiny" squash bug problem. again i cut off dead leaves and leaves COVERED in eggs. when i saw the adults i cut them to bits with my pocket knife. now when i am egg hunting my cheek is almost on the ground so i have a nice bug eye view and thats when i smelled it. that sweet floral scent. if it was a perfume i might even wear it scent. i noticed i was by a mating pair of bugs i had just cut into halves, then i saw another bug so i cut it up as well and there was the smell! apparently the bug that "attacked me the previous day was one of my most hated adversaries!!!! this is the second time bugs have come after me for revenge in this state (the first was ants)!!! it's a good thing i dont kill many spiders i dont want them seeking revenge for poor smashed uncle larry or something. CRAZY BUGS i tell you!! but on the bright side my garden is lovely. the black watermelons are growing like crazy as are all my peppers. i even have some eggplant ready to be harvested!! i cant wait till next planting season!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


there was a wonderful breeze for most of the day here in my tiny wanna be homestead paradise. A lot was done today. First i cleaned my room top to bottom. Rarely do you hear of bedroom cleaning in a farm type blog, but you know your bedroom is a place of rest and should be maintained as such. I know i sleep more soundly when the clutter has been done away with. You really feel the change in the room. Kinda a change of energy. It's easier to fall asleep in and wake up in a clean room. Now i share a room with my 5 year old diva of a daughter who must change her outfit several times a day, so messes accumulate fast and i umm well i am slow to catch up. But when i do catch up it feels freeing. Today the bedroom was done bedding washed clothes folded hung and put away. ahh lovely. closet cleaned out old clothes disposed of, free space. Bathroom was wiped over, floors swept in bathroom, hall, and bedroom. Then I moved on outside, horses watered and i filled there water buckets as well. You must water your horses in this horrid heat! Alice and chocolate love the water and will play for as long as you will. from the horse i went out into the garden and tried to kill as many squash bugs as possible. i did take down at least i'm gonna guess 500 more eggs and maybe 8 bugs or so well more like 30 + if you include the hatch lings.Normally i feel terrible about taking life. I even try to protect the spiders from my anti bug family. Lets just say squash bugs are on the same list as tick's, fleas, mosquito's, and biting flys death to all!!!Depending on the species of spider i am usually chill. well on to my next chore of the day. after my massacre of squash bugs was done i carried a bale of straw into the chicken yard and filled there coop so it would be cozy placed straw under my goats shelter and clipped wings. why clip wings today you ask? well it is because i woke up to a rooster crowing at my window sill at dawn then 20 minutes later a hen pecking bugs off my window. I am sure you can imagine not the best start to my morning seeing as i didnt fall asleep till 5 am. I just couldnt sleep so i journal-ed and just as i was slipping into a peaceful sleep i hear "mommy i wanna sleep with you. so then i had to rearrange the dog my pillows and move my books off the bed. Oh it gets funnier. we fall asleep to be awoken to a cat in desperate or so he thought need to cuddle on our faces. again i fall asleep to wake up at 7 with my dog wanting to go tinkle outside. i take him lay back down and hear the grinding of the ice machine in the fridge. ooo i hate that ice machine. then my son wakes up gets on the computer and is insistent that he has to upgrade his pirate guy and needs a credit card number!! Well that was the end of my sleep. So really i am shocked ( as is my mother) at the amount of work i accomplished today. I even kept the kids fed and involved in most of my activities! All this outside work was because Jesus heard my prayers and blessed me with a soft cool breeze! oh and 2 cups of coffee an energy drink and so so much water.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

never ending

I hate squash bugs! Like never want to see another one ever ever ever again!!! They are every where in my gourds and watermelons. They have already killed all my giant pumpkin vines off. Horrible little beasties. I have worked on my hands and knees with my chin to the dirt looking for eggs on the bottom of leaves. So far i think i have killed a thousand eggs.And the adults are so so hard to kill.You have to split them in half with a garden spade. I even tried stomping on them with my boot. They will not die!Well they will but not easily. Oh and they flippin fly!!!HATE!
On the bright side my gourds are still growing beautifully and my bells and jalapenos are crazy producers! It's good cuz bell peppers coast a dollar at the store.The cucumbers are doing well as is the corn. I also weeded today. We have a lot of grass growing up i think its because we tilled and planted before i let the grass grow up and pulled it out. I discovered it's easier to work outside in the garden when it is 95+ degrees outside while under the sprinkler. I got a lot done out there. More tomorrow. I will eradicate those stupid bugs.Its gonna happen I wont stop!!! If you see this bug kill kill kill!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Do you know where you're food comes from?

I am just now really getting to do what i have wanted to do with the knowledge I have gained over years of reading and research. I want to know that what I am eating is healthy and not altered in any unnatural way.
This year as you know i have started a tiny garden and am enjoying it tremendously. Even the kids enjoy it. The problem is most of my seed or seedlings came from walmart so we know for sure they are mass produced genetically modified plants.Not good for seed saving or the preservation of dying breeds. Not to fear tho i just received my seed order from Sandhill Preservation Center.Sandhill is an amazing company, even if they are old school in mail in orders only, because they are concerned about our welfare.They grow and sell the seeds of heritage plants* and chickens. so check them out online and order a catalog. So next year i will have a huge garden from which i can feed my family from knowing it was grown as natural as possible.
My hens will be laying soon and we will be enjoying fresh eggs. You must must try and stop buying mass produced eggs. This industry is one of my least favorite for the amount of animals they torture for your eggs on a daily basis. Don't believe me? Check this out
copy and paste it in your browser bar.... if that's not enough for you just google images of chicken egg production.
We have to look back at the potato famine and remember why it happened and do what we can to prevent it here. WE must keep our food genetically diverse.Now I could go on but i wont. I will save some for another post.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

sweat baby sweat

Ugh this humid heat. I have been doing well with the heat until this week. It is insanely bad this week. My garden has slightly suffered from my absence. It did get watered today and i killed a couple squash bugs. Squashed them with a gourd!!
Today was a hot hot day. I went out to hose down the horses and check waters and i was sweating like crazy. I was with a hose and still hot as can be.Alice,the horse,neighed at me when i was filling water to squirt her down,when i stopped she got mad at me so i wet her down more. Then i went out to the garden, bent down to pick up the sprinkler, and sweat just poured off my face. Even the chickens were lazy in the heat. Usually they run up to me when i bring them scraps, today they took there sweet time. My blue didnt even play like he usually does when we are outside. he actually ditched me and sat in the shade.Tomorrow i am pushing myself back outside! I have to tend to my garden and my chicken coop!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So after many of days, 16 to be exact, it is done. And it is fabulous!!!No one else in the house cares for it but thats ok more for me! I didnt take any pics of the first batch which is odd because i take Pictures of everything. after all i did even take pictures of the carpet i was pulling up. that was a day! i pulled up 2 rooms of nasty old carpet and the carpet padding. blech! i even took it all to the dump and unloaded it on almost the hottest day known to man ever! Any who i will take a picture of this batch. its just sooo yummy!i am thinking about selling it thru a co op or something you know once it gets going. that reminds me i should go check my keffir!!