Monday, June 21, 2010

Chicken Coop

The Coop. Sigh....... I thought it would be easy, after all how hard could a box with legs be? Well it was hard. It took me several days in hot humid weather with help from Alice and well it is what it is. I know when my dad see's it he will more than likely laugh. The important thing is it keeps the chickens safe at night.Alice and I worked until dark and got bit up like crazy!! Alice looks like she has the chicken pox, poor thing. The kids helped paint it. The goat has herself covered with paint by rubbing all over the coop. I pray i never have to build one ever again! Oh but wait I need to build the pony a shelter! dum dum duummmmm

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I was sitting by my garden just looking at it as i do almost every day when i noticed something different. Well half my tomato bushes had no leaves. So i rushed over and dropped to my knees to figure it out, let me just admit now i almost cried. Then i saw it- one of the biggest horn worms i ad ever seen still happily chomping on leaves. I could not believe how fast it was eating!! Horrid thing had family too!! I plucked each and every one off my poor tomato plants, and those things held on tight... stupid bug! Any who i went to feed them to my chickens and the chickens were afraid of them sigh so i cut them all in half. haha i had to close my eyes to do it, such a wimp! well then the chickens had no problem pecking away at them. But wait, the fun doesnt stop there! The big max pumpkins had these awful little gray beetles that were sucking the life right out of the vines. I tell you what that really got me going. they even laid ugly eggs. Bugs were every where. I went to tractor supply and bought some organic approved pesticide. And the ah they died.... peaceful garden. I was peaceful it was all good..... until the chicken coop..... continued on the next blog : )

Tuesday, June 8, 2010