Friday, May 28, 2010

My First Blog

Please nobody expect proper spelling or punctuation in this here blog of mine. It's more just an outlet for me to talk about what I'm doing without driving my family nuts : ) Most of it will be about my adventures in gardening, bread making, making stuff with milk, and my chickens.Oh maybe a bit about my pony ms. dixie sprinkles.

Today we went to the Dairy Farm to get raw milk! What a blast that was!!! I wish i would have thought to take a picture. Oh well next time... Any who you know your milk is fresh when you hear the cows mooing while being milked in the next room.Everyone was very nice considering I'm wearing a black dress with spider webs and my tattoo's were all showing haha. I was even invited by a woman about my age with a son about emilys age to join a holistic moms club. I am going to go to a meeting and see how it goes before i sign up i think. all of which i will more than likely post about here.
Also i went to the library today and borrowed a couple of new books. All are about baking or cooking in some way. One was a book of bread recipes, and i am currently using the challah bread recipe. I have one already that i make often but i thought i would try something new. It is currently in its second rise stage and i am taking pictures. And i will be eating this bread tomorrow with the butter i make from my fresh cream i am pulling from my milk. Please Jesus let it work!!! I will try and post my pictures of the finished bread. But with Dial Up who knows.