Thursday, December 30, 2010

a life filled with something special

   It is easy to let the negative take over. for some its the norm and anything else is uncomfortable or viewed as silly. I myself can be guilty of such an attitude as some of you have read my posts. But i am most comfortable as my full of faith self. Today i am full of faith as i have been for a long time with some obvious negative hiccups in between. No biggie tho just keep on keepin on.
  So what keeps my life full of something special? Faith in the Good Lord. Everything might be going to shit around me but i know God is here and will keep the most important part of my family safe. Jesus equals a life full of something special because without him i would have no faith and without faith i would let the world swallow me whole.
  The world has always been a scary place. People are nasty evil creatures if left to themselves. Dont believe me? Lets take a look at the world as of right now. Google monsanto. Thats just one example and i will not dwell on that right now. I'm saving them and a couple others for a special blog post. ps researching gets tiresome.
  As a person i have to continually look at my life and focus on the joyous things it has to offer:
  • the laughter of my children
  • my dog always happy to see me
  • the blue birds in the trees
  • fresh eggs from my beautiful chickens
  • sir milo peaches purr
  • mammas cooking
  • dads ability to build or fix anything
  • good friends
  • a wonderful place to live
  • food to eat
  • clean water to drink
  • a fresh cup of coffee
  • a glass of wine
  • my childrens ability to forgive and their child like faith
  • music
  • people who read my awesome blog     
As you see the list can go from big things to little things. Whatever makes you smile. And if you cant smile at anything look  inside yourself and find the root of your fear ,sadness, bitterness, anger, hate, anxiety, or whatever else it is and come to terms with it. learn to forgive and let go. those two things are key to a life filled with something special. and dont argue my something special list with a nothing special list because anyone can do that and it will keep you down. Dont let anyone keep you down !
 And FYI damn anyone who says my life or yours is anything but special. You and your life are special and precious no matter what or who you believe in. Lets live it to the fullest!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a quickie

i have so many thoughts rolling around in my head i dont know where to go with them. i have so many i cant fall asleep at night because they go constantly. and dont let yourself fool yourself, you will regret it and it will drive you nuts later. i also think of the people i let go and never should have and others that i held on to for way to long. i try and try to pretend like i dont care about certain things but i really do. i guess i am thinking about the year ahead and how it really is a new chance for me. i really dont know to many people and no one knows how self destructive i have been. basically no one knows the stupid me. sigh my heart skips beats. i am afraid of my future. i have absolutely no clue what it holds for me or my kids. its a bizarre feeling because i finally feel comfortable and safe in a home. a home i am excited to call my own and i feel secure with where we are at physically. i know it will be ok because i have faith in Jesus. but i would like to have a plan, i just cant figure one out. so i will go on day by day doing one thing at a time. taking care of my family working with my dad and taking care of my ever expanding collection of small animals.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Is anyone else torn between being two people?
I am. Part of me wants to be free,natural , and live a simple life. The other part wants to be a power player in the corporate world, savvy, sophisticated, and dressed to kill. traveling the world and living very glamorous. I know with enough work and determination I could accomplish either one. Sigh- but which one?
On one side being the care free Ashley would be just that care free a life void of pesky deadlines and busy schedules. A life full of honest hard work. Waking up to work the land and tend to animals making the most out of what we have. teaching my children the joys of simple living, the importance of family, and the rewards of living close to nature the way God intended. Knowing that what we consume we created or know who created it. No reason to focus on the commercial world and desperate to fit in with the latest trends.
Or the other me, dressed in my pencil skirt ,killer heals and perfectly tailored blazer stepping out of my nice car onto the side walk of a major city ready to take on some major business dealings. Never needing to rely on any one to help me get thru the day. A nice place to live in a great area, the kids going to great schools and needing nothing. Traveling the world meeting new people and experiencing new cultures. Never worried about the harvest or how to feed the family and animals trhu the winter.
All i know is as of right now i am at a crossroad. I really want to know in what direction to go.I am no longer satisfied with letting the world toss me around. Its not cool with me to just go with what is wanted of me by other people. I want to know what I am going to ne doing for the rest of my life. I want to get it started!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

this is an epic picture. why epic? great question.... this is krystal and me at a movie theater right before watching new moon. this was the night i fell in love with the twilight saga. i had previously hated the idea of this saga. after that night i read all the books within a week. i am now obsessed. i have since read the series again own the movies. my cousin alice and i also sat outside a theater for around 4 hours to see the midnight showing of eclipse. and i just love krystal and miss her sooo much and look forward to seeing breaking dawn in forks with her.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

Gosh this one will be boring.. I honestly listen to such a wide range of music. if you really want to know check out my playlists page

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

I am proud of my middle son Ethan. A year ago we were lucky to get 2 words out of him and as of late he has been a non stop talking machine! Yesterday i was painting my new room and ethan was with me "helping". a few days before we had painted his room green and black and the whole time he said " green is my favorite color". so very cute! well i was painting my room teal and he said " green is my favorite color" to which i replied " this isnt green honey its teal" he then said "i know this is blue and green" for most moms a 8 year old saying this is no big deal but to me its the world.
live laug and above all love

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

short term goals.....
i am going to say because it it is so close to the end of October these are for November

  • finish painting our new home and get into it.
  • lose 10 pounds
  • rock my new job
  • perhaps figure out my long term goals
  • finish reading the historian
  • get dustie doll clothing into at least 10 new stores... i can totally pull it off

man i wish i had something really cool to write here but no such luck, or luck because things are going smoothly and i dont have the pressure of getting things done.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

At first my automatic thought for this was my children. And of course they have had the biggest impact on my life by far and they will continue to be for the rest of my life as i am working on becoming a mother they deserve. But as i looked for a couple good pictures of them, a time consuming task as there are so many, i came upon some of my brother Eric. Then i started to think about him. He is a great man and gives me hope. He found love again with Leslie and started a real family. So yes it is possible and that gives me hope. lets face it our previous spouses sucked (both figurative and literally).Not only that but i see how much he loves his baby girls and that gives me hope. A man can really love his children and work hard to give them the best.His life is dedicated to his wife and daughters and that is beautiful. My brother has a huge impact on me and gives me so much hope. He can build a family with love and hard work and therefor so can i. thank you Eric for always being there for me and never telling me i was doing well when i was not. You are a huge blessing upon my life.
live laugh and above all Love.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

i am going to do two days in one because i have skipped writing several days now.
I dont really have one. i am really trying hard to think of one but i cant seem to come up with anyone. oh i know shelsi...... shelsi is my favorite super hero.
honest to goodness this picture makes me tear up oh and i just stole it from her facebook
live laugh and above all love

Day 5- A picture of a place you've been

this is a picture of the scientology church entrance in los angelas. we didnt go inside because it was closed but we did talk to some of its staff. i might offend some of you but i think scientology is one big joke and an evil one at that. i have done my fair share of research on it after watching a news program talking about the evils of it. and come to think of it the staff creeped me out too. i dont think the followers are evil just mislead.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 4- A habit I wish I didnt have....

There are so little things (if any) that I do wrong it might take me a bit to find a bad habit. Hmm let me think. The reality is there are so many bad habits its hard to pick just one. In my defense I think the worst of them all was smoking cigarettes and that I no longer do. I pick at my face to much but no one really wants to read about that, so I am going to say my worst habit is not putting away clean clothes.
I don’t mind doing laundry at all. As a matter of fact I love the sounds of the washer and dryer. It is such a comfy home sound. Perhaps it reminds me of my childhood falling asleep for a nap while my mom did her daily chores. Even the smell puts me in a relaxed mood. Maybe that’s the problem. Laundry makes me sleepy. So when I am done and ready to fold those cozy warm clothes I get lazy and take a nap instead.
The problem with all of that is when I snap out of my laundry coma I have already mentally moved on to something else and the laundry never gets put away in a timely manner. So because it sits on the bed in a pile some of it falls on the ground and gets mixed up with the dirty clothes and gets washed again. An unnecessary step really. I do however usually …sometimes… put these clothes away when it gets bad about once a week or so. Needless to say it’s a bad habit I really need to break, but after twenty some years it might be a harder one to break than smoking. Wish me luck!
Live , laugh, but above all LOVE.

day 3- a recent picture of me and a friend

this is paige and me taking a "jager" shot.... sadly i think it was all kool aid or something along those lines. but thats what you get for a $1.50 and your aunts horse just came in last by 26 or so lengths behind. all in all we had a blast that night!! and we look forward to more awesome nights mwuhahahahahahaha

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

day 2

the meaning behind the title of my blog "the painted lady"
I have a lot of tattoos hence painted and i am a lady so lady.
and i have a tiny tiny hobby farm and thats where farm comes from.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun blog list
Just stole this from the crunchy mamacitas blog. yay paige isnt stealing is fun?!

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
Day 02- The meaning behind your blog name
Day 03- A recent picture of you and your friends
Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have
Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Day 06- Favorite super hero and why
Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why
Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends
Day 12- How you found out about Tumblr and why you made one
Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14- A picture of you and your family
Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
Day 16- Another picture of yourself
Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23- Something you crave for a lot
Day 24- A letter to your parents
Day 25- What I would find in your bag
Day 26- What you think about your friends
Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30- Who are you?

hmm 15 interesting facts........
1. i got a colonic today hahaha
2. i have 19 tattoos
3. i was married at 16 years old
4. My divorce was final 4 days after our 10 year anniversary
5. i have read the twilight saga 2 times now
6. i have moved something around 52 times
7. at one point in time i wanted to be a full blown goth chick.... never happened
8. i cried when i gave my goat away
9. my mom is my best friend
10. i want to be as smart as my dad
11. my goal is to live off the grid
12. i love to belly dance
13. i have never broken a bone in my body
14. my 2 boys are a year and a day apart
15. i like it on a cozy bed
whew glad thats over

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today is a new day!

Today is the start of a new lifestyle. I am starting this raw detox diet. It is a great book that i found in colorado. I dont really want o call it a diet because diet is kinda like a four letter word. I plan on changing the entire way i look at life and food. I let myself get to frumpy here in oklahoma which i promised myself i wouldnt do when i moved here.needles to say i am a little disappointed in myself.In total i plan on losing around 20 pounds. so i am telling all you in hope that i will not get lazy.ok thats it for now. live laugh and above all love.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

castle rockin!

we are currently on a long weekend at my brothers house in castle rock. I am in love with this area and i feel as though i have stepped out of the dark ages. I was lucky enough to shop at sprouts today and king suppers, and i laughed with my mom because i felt like a kid at a candy store. In sprouts my eyes welled up with tears (no joke) at all the fantastic healthy foods readily available. Honestly i am dreading going back to just our super walmart for shopping. the air is thin up here and we are feeling it for sure. But the sky is blue the air smells clean and the view of the rockies is priceless. we helped my brother with his booth at Oktoberfest. He is involved with this company called thrive. it is super cool freeze dried food that taste fabulous with no additives! yum yum!!! the cousins have had an absolute blast together. the parks up here are so nice and so clean! It is a little bit like orange county but not enough to suck. if you wanna see pictures check out my castle rock album on facebook.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

lame rantings

today i feel lame. well tonight really. i am looking at all my friends and familys pictures and blogs and such. none of them seem to have messed up as badly as i have in life. they are all doing things the way it should be done. graduate high school go to college find a job get married have babies be happy. the only part i have done is have babies. i have worked here and there but not really anything one could call a career. i feel as tho i am constantly letting the people around me down. its a viscous cycle really. i want a career to support my kids, i just cant seem to find one. i would love to live sustainably on a farm but wouldnt you know it that costs a butt load of money. and i would love to say to my parents go on go be 50 and free. I need a plan of action. I know life is gonna get hard for a bit. i might even have to get rid of my chickens and goat and pony. I have already re applied for walmart. that alone makes me want to cry. but as a single mother i have to do something to bring in the bacon right? if i can stick it out there and work 2 jobs then i will have some money to save and then be able to buy a house for the kids and i. then i will feel like a good mom and a good daughter. i'll be honest the thought of raising these 3 kids alone is horrifying. but other woman have done it right? so i can. it just about thinking positive. i cant let this fear take over because it is crushing to the point of debilitation. positive positive positive. i can for sure fix the damage i've done to our lives. besides whats a good life without knowing what you did to get there. you cant fully appreciate something unless you've worked hard for it right?

Saturday, September 25, 2010


First off I'd like to say Yay!!! The internet is working!!!!
I am sitting here on a saturday afternoon relaxing after a morning of cheer reluctantly watching barbie in the three musketeers again. My Dad has just informed me we have some digging to do outside. so my blog will have to wait again. but its all worth it because i enjoy the country life mud and all!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


a week or so ago my computer charger went cu put. luckily for me i have a genius dad who rigged it for me to use. i cant move the computer anywhere but hey at least its on.I recently purchased a new digital camera and have been dying to put my already 400+ pictures online but alas my internet connection is being dumb tonight. i will have a better blog later but for now after an hour trying to upload pictures i am ready to call it a night. tomorrow is monday and that means happy children to get up in the morning for school.......... blech........

Friday, August 27, 2010

have to laugh, life changes

i often laugh with my mom about my life. for example i used to buy magazines like cosmo, vogue, or nylon but now a days i buy grit, mother earth news, countryside,and hobby farm. Not only do i buy these magazines but i get excited when i see new ones! My book collection is growing with tons of books on farming and livestock. And i have to laugh about it, its a drastic change but a loved change. I used to dress nice and wear skirts or dress pants and heels to work but now i wear cut off pants and mud boots to work.I dont spend an hour before work doing my hair and make up, i just brush thru my hair and put a headband on. It would be silly to wear make up to work, who knows maybe the cows would like it. i would have never have stepped out of my home without make up on in orange county. i rarely wear it here. my going out outfit is my jeans a t-shirt and my cowboy boots. i used to go out a lot, now i just dont. like tonight i went to dinner with my mom and dad then to the bookstore. that my going out now. haha we were all tired and ready for home by 10. i used to text 3,000 times a month on my phone now i dont even have a phone. i get excited about going to the feed store in dibble to pick up horse feed. my favorite restaurant might just be condemned in orange county. my car doesnt stick out because its an older model but blends in because it is not new. one of the best things is i used to be the big girl but here i am good lookin. i just have to laugh. things here are different, really different, and i love it. things that use to seem so important seem just so trivial. people are what matter here not what the people have. people asked me before i left orange county, "oklahoma? whats in oklahoma? just rednecks." well let me say i have never been so happy in my life. people here are friendly, giving, and true to themselves. i wasted so many years of my life. i try not to think about it because i get mad at myself for trying so hard to obtain emptiness.its amazing that when you give up you really win. i have come to a place where the simple things mean the most. after all we are just dust in the wind in the end and our possessions will just rust and fall apart when we are gone, but our legacy will last forever. I honestly couldnt go back to where i was before.I would never want too. I encourage all of you to look at your life and re prioritize things. is it really worth working more and giving up time with family and friends for a new phone or shoes? simplicity has brought me happiness i hope it brings you the same.
PS I just bought a pink tool belt for workin with my dad!!!
as always, LIVE,LAUGH, and above all LOVE.

Monday, August 23, 2010

to much tv for me...

i know i have watched to much tv. why? well i love the man vs wild type shows and a show called the colony. all about how to survive in a world with no has got me a little paranoid about the future. like what happens if God lets us go without power? what then? i know what,mass chaos! people will go nuts and start doing none civilized things. and then i wonder am i strong enough to survive and keep my kids alive and safe.its not that i dont think we could live off the land out here because we could, its people that scare me the most. you could see how a mind could wander on and on. but i cant stop my obsession with these shows. a new episode of the colony is on tomorrow night and i am excited. and yes i sat thru 3 episode in a row of dual survivor tonight. good thing my dad loves these shows too or i would be the only survival geek in the house.
it makes me look at what we have now and i am extremely thankful.

Friday, August 20, 2010

what a wonderful afternoon i had. i was able to go with my mom and aunt out to the dibble feed store. that is such a beautiful ride. its amazing you look out the window of the nice cool car and see a breeze blowing, gorgeous blue sky,and puffy white clouds totally thinking wow what a wonderful day to be out, then you step out of the car. well needless to say its hot. but the scenery from a window says come on out wasnt to bad outside today just about 98 degrees or so ;)ha! any ways....
i think we had a great drive. then when we got home i moved dixie out into the round pen for a while to graze and such. she thinks shes such a big shot out there. so i cleaned out her stall, whew, maybe not the best idea in this heat. i was doing great in the breeze and then all the sudden boom i got dizzy and my heart started pounding! i went inside and had some water. mom and dad came home about 15 minutes later and looked a bit concerned at my beet red face. well i cooled off and went to walmart with mom and ethan. you know i always get mad at her for getting him stuff when he asks. i tell her to say no and to stop spoiling him, ha i think i let him get almost everything he asked for!! he is so sweet when he asks for goodies. then i took him to the dairy to get some milk and he got the tour from me. i took him down into the "pit" where we milk the cows and i hooked up a couple for him to see. it was great to show him where his milk comes from because we then went up and got our milk from the tank. i so enjoyed sharing that with him. when we got back in the car mom said yuck you stink so i had to shower when i got home.
it was our last dinner night with the branco's, they are heading back to california tomorrow morning. poor souls, you couldnt pay me enough to go live there again. the climate isnt good enough to balance out the rest... moving on... we had a good night. we will all certainly miss them. i am sure they will be back soon. oklahoma is beautiful in the fall. such gorgeous sunsets! i love it here and i think i have done well with the heat this summer. ok thats it i'm sleepy and cant think of anything that might be of interest to you. i am sure there are more adventures awaiting us tomorrow.
live, laugh, and above all love.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


as i lay in bed tonight again my brain runs wild.things i have to do, things i should have done or said or maybe not said ;). Lately i have less negative thoughts running through my mind at night or in general. My days are good as are my nights. i have not been this content with life ever. night used to be so lonely and scary for me. for years i would wake up from night terrors. as some of my friends have pointed out i used to move a lot in my sleep. my dreams were usually nightmares always in a constant battle with someone or something.and i used to attempt to dull my pain away or drowned it out. well i can say that is not the case anymore, i wake up content. i look froward to my job and i become a better mother everyday.I am truly blessed. I learned a lot about gardening this year i will have a super sweet garden! i enjoy my animals (my sweet blue is laying next to me sleeping as i type this)every animal has its own personality and they are so fun to watch. needless to say every animal on this property is spoiled! all though i did lose my favorite bantam rooster elvis.that was heart wrenching for sure. i miss his cocky little attitude everyday and how he strut around....sigh....... on the bright side joseph had taken some pictures of him the day before and will bring them over tomorrow! i will be posting them of course. i am looking forward to colder weather and turning my soil for next year. thanks to the horses the soil by next spring will be rich and fertile!!!! i tell you what i just have good things to look forward to!
emily is in cheer this year and she is perfect for it! wait till i post the videos and pics! noah has been working out at the gym with grampy, he can bench press 50 pounds!!! oh and he runs on the treadmill for 10 minutes, it has been wonders for his self image to go there. he feels so good about himself! i tear up thinking about how big he is and how well he is doing, he has had a bumpy road as well. time heals. ethan is doing great, although the other day he didnt want to get on the bus to come home from school so he tells the principal " i'm sorry for the trouble but i am not getting on the bus" how cute! rebellious but what a great sentence! i see growth everywhere in my kids. my dad is back from denver and i am looking forward to working on some projects with him. he is so good for the kids we kinda floundered with out him. my mom is of course happy to have him back. and what is great is he stayed home so mom and i could go out grocery shopping! we enjoyed a nice lunch out and a not rushed shopping trip. oh i have forgotten to mention my thumb got caught in between a cow hoof and a hard place. ouch did that hurt. i really thought it was broken at first it hurt so bad. but its not just a little tenderized.i guess thats it for now. i have some great pics to share once i get a new sd card usb adapter thingy. i wish i had some phrase to say at the end of my posts like my mom does...... i'll try a couple out i guess, live, laugh, and above all love!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

eric plummer is different

i was watching a video clip of my niece and it occurs to me how different my brothers life is then mine. the difference between good life choices and bad life choices and how we have let them effect and mold our lives. Eric has a very different personality then i do. He is gentle and thinks and talks everything to death, where as i can be a little rough around the edges and should slow down and think more before i speak. I am quick to anger he is not... maybe because he talks it out first or thinks it thru.i however will jump on your ass for pushing my buttons. we have both had spouses who cheated on us. he was fortunate enough to get the hell away from her faster than i could my ex spouse. luckily he has found a woman he loves and they have 2 beautiful children. you know i feel so far from him physically, mentally, and some how feel lower than him. he is a great man and i guess i have always been jealous of his quiet calm demeanor. i would like him to be closer to us. my sons would learn so much from him. i miss you eric, even if you are suburban ;)
he lives in a nice suburban area in colorado where as i live on 10 acres in the heart of oklahoma. he works in a nice air conditioned office where as i am a dairy lady. i love my job, not quite sure he does his. he is flexible and will bend over backwards for people i however probably wouldnt, maybe if your one of the few people i like and trust. however we both have big hearts love our families and have always deeply loved each other( you would have to after sharing a room off and on for near 15 years). God could havent have blessed me with any one person better than eric to call brother.even when he is mad at me it almost always is justified and makes sense even if i dont want to hear what he is saying.
I am probably rambling here but this is what consumes my heart and mind tonight. I have let him down on so many occasions and i hope he forgives me for my insanities.
ha i could go on but wont cuz i am super sleepy

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

so much

I have been wanting to get blogging again for a while now but i have so much to say i dont know where to start.

I have started working at a small dairy down the way a bit. I love my job and wouldn't go back to retail for anything. I really enjoy working with like minded people.The cows are treated wonderfully and some are super cute. by some i mean all the cows and babies, the bulls creep me out a bit. they seem sneaky eyed like they are lookin for a little mischief.Plus there balls are huge!! I know the jersey dairy cow isnt going extinct anytime soon with those massive nuts hahaha.
This is a great place to bring in the do you know where your food comes from topic. I do I produce it!!.
My chickens have started to lay eggs and they are so cute and tiny. Emily had 2 tiny ones for lunch and she loved them. My kids love knowing where there food comes from and that they have had a hand in it.I have been truely blessed to feel so at peace with most of my food. Soon we will by our own steer for beef. I dont mind eating meat as long as i know it had a great life and was put down the best way possible. Now do i think we as americans should consume as much meat as we do? No its just gluttony on our parts.
The family has been swimmin in the Branco pond. I thinks its a massive pond like almost the size of the purcell lake. maybe not that big but close. its amazing to see my kids grow and experience life like they do here. Land is so freeing. It gives kids room to grow and imagine and discover. You cant teach in a city school what my kids have learned out doors here.Between the weather and bugs the garden and livestock they have a great grasp at the smallness and greatness of creation. Life is fragile but perseveres. What a life lesson!!Life is a precious gift for sure! Lets take care of our life and the life around us so our great great grandchildren can be in awe of it as are my kids and myself

Sunday, August 1, 2010

farm days and the farm troll!

wow wow wow I have had some busy days. I am so tired tonight i dont even know how to get it all out to you reader and have it make sense. But i have to try because i have had so much fun.
Lets see here. Ah yes I will start with Farm Troll Friday:
As I have mentioned in previous posts Feta the goat keeps getting out. Friday i figured out how, but not before my chickens found their way out . At first it I was in quiet panic as i saw two chickens hanging out by the fence. So i cornered them and lifted up the fence and they ran in... away from me as if i am trying to hurt them, sigh silly girls. And then my heart drops when around the corner i see my biggest girl laying motionless in the grass. I ran over thinking Oh Jesus please not this one. This one is Rosetta, my daughters chicken. Just as i am aboutto get to her Blue runs up from behind me and grabs her by the neck. I tried to run faster and was screaming bloody murder. I was in such a panic!! He looked at me and i think realized mommas not ok with his game and droped her. There was feathers everywhere. I swooped up my Rhode Island Red and thank you Jesus she was still alive and well!! Frazzled and missing some feathers but ok!
So i proceed to fix the fence and pound in at least six more posts to connect to the fence. Mind you this entire time i could have fried and egg on the dirt road in front of my house. Actually i would go as far as to say i might have been able to bake a loaf of bread in the car! I roll out more chicken wire and such all while my lovable and slightly mischievous feta is at my side. Yes she makes it difficult but I cant get mad at her because she is so dang cute!! Just as I finish the fence I look out and see my pony Dixie is loose! And she is causing a ruckus, she is grazing very close to our stud and shall i say teasing him a bit. The mares and filly were running around in their pens and making such noise. At this point Dixie starts to run around, acting the fool in my opinion, and i feared Handsome Mr. M would break free and try to mount my tiny little pony! So I run out to try to catch my feisty girl. She did not behave as she should have. Normally she walks up to me or i to her with no fuss at all. Not that day!Needless to say Mom came out and helped me get her in. Whew! Now i do not at all understand how she ever got out in the first place. She had snapped all the tie downs. I dont think she could ever accomplish this on her own. Then Ah Ha! it all made sense, it was a farm troll. It let out my chickens, prompted blue to attack Rosetta and let the pony out!! If I ever catch up to you farm troll your ass is grass!!! That was not funny to me at all sir.
Saturday was my first day at the dairy. I really had no idea what to expect but was extremely eager to find out. Now let me tell all you fancy pants Actors or Models no job is as sexy as mine. AHHAHAAHA Honestly its not that easy but i think i did ok my first day. I fed baby cows, awww. and wait for it ....... got sprayed with poop on my shoulder and back. And by the way Shelbi thank you so much for getting that off for me.Now guys dont get jealous here, i get to soap up and and wipe off tits all day.LOL!!!!! I tell you what the milking machines are tricky tricky. and each nipple is a different shape. Some ladies ( as i call the cows ) have huge nipples others have smaller ones and some have Five!! The Milk Maids have been such a huge help!! Yep Paige thats what i am calling us!!
Well i am tired and will write about today with tomorrows post. You'lll have to wait sorry. hehehe.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

heat and chickens

as every one knows its hot in the summer here. i have stopped closing the little door in my chickens coop to make sure they can get out before it gets to hot. yeah its hot at 7 am. so when i called my mom while out today and she tells me that she just opened the coops door my heart dropped. it was 3 pm and it was hot and humid all day. mom assured me they were ok but ran straight to the waterier.whew! apparently my ethan closed the door last night thinking he was helping mommas chickens.thank goodness the goat got out again or i wouldnt have noticed for hours!!!!!! thanks mom for putting the goat away and saving the chickens, i love you!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

2 weeks

I am for many different reasons going to go vegetarian for 2 weeks. Not vegan i'm not insane! I just dont think vegan is natural or healthy for most people. I dont believe the human race could survive with all of us being vegan. So i am sticking with just veg. I guess the would call it lacto something vegetarian since i am not nor will ever give up eggs or dairy. But i know where my eggs and milk come from. My goal is to know what i eat is animal and people friendly and as unprocessed as possible. last night i was researching red dye and i am going to take it out of our diets. i think it will really help the kids especially noah. I dont want to sound like a broken record but i really want people to think about your food. So you buy free range eggs, thats awesome and a great step but i also want you to think about where the eggs in the bread your eating came from or the cream in your coffee even if your coffee is fair trade. dont get overwhelmed and think you need to throw everything away and buy all new product.that would be silly and a waste.for example my grandmother brought us eggs she bought for 99 cents. Great buy for sure and she did it to help us, but you all know how i feel. i didnt refuse the gift and i didnt throw them away thats would waste. I ate them and when i did i was aware and thankful for the poor chickens. i know i sound crazy maybe i am.- i just had to stop to put my goat back in her yard. she is in heat ,or estrus as my book calls it, and keeps getting out to try and get some!
I am hoping this post makes sense and that it helps people look more closely at what goes in there bodies and how it got to the table in the first place. we must be good stewards to this planet that God has blessed us with and all the wonderful creations that inhabit it. one person does make a difference.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


the other day i was out by my chickens and some bug flew into my temple. I swished it away and then smelled a real sweet floral scent. Then my temple started burning so i touched it and i had this sweet smelling liquid, that i am calling acid on my head, a lot of it. i ran into the house to wash it off freaked out it would drip in my eyes and i would go blind.the burning stopped and all was ok. i had no clue what the bug was because truthfully its oklahoma and i stopped paying attention,so i didnt know what to look out for in the future. it was an odd experience for sure.
today i washed down the horses again and filled waters. i let feta and blue play together. so cute! and of course i went into my garden to tend to my "tiny" squash bug problem. again i cut off dead leaves and leaves COVERED in eggs. when i saw the adults i cut them to bits with my pocket knife. now when i am egg hunting my cheek is almost on the ground so i have a nice bug eye view and thats when i smelled it. that sweet floral scent. if it was a perfume i might even wear it scent. i noticed i was by a mating pair of bugs i had just cut into halves, then i saw another bug so i cut it up as well and there was the smell! apparently the bug that "attacked me the previous day was one of my most hated adversaries!!!! this is the second time bugs have come after me for revenge in this state (the first was ants)!!! it's a good thing i dont kill many spiders i dont want them seeking revenge for poor smashed uncle larry or something. CRAZY BUGS i tell you!! but on the bright side my garden is lovely. the black watermelons are growing like crazy as are all my peppers. i even have some eggplant ready to be harvested!! i cant wait till next planting season!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


there was a wonderful breeze for most of the day here in my tiny wanna be homestead paradise. A lot was done today. First i cleaned my room top to bottom. Rarely do you hear of bedroom cleaning in a farm type blog, but you know your bedroom is a place of rest and should be maintained as such. I know i sleep more soundly when the clutter has been done away with. You really feel the change in the room. Kinda a change of energy. It's easier to fall asleep in and wake up in a clean room. Now i share a room with my 5 year old diva of a daughter who must change her outfit several times a day, so messes accumulate fast and i umm well i am slow to catch up. But when i do catch up it feels freeing. Today the bedroom was done bedding washed clothes folded hung and put away. ahh lovely. closet cleaned out old clothes disposed of, free space. Bathroom was wiped over, floors swept in bathroom, hall, and bedroom. Then I moved on outside, horses watered and i filled there water buckets as well. You must water your horses in this horrid heat! Alice and chocolate love the water and will play for as long as you will. from the horse i went out into the garden and tried to kill as many squash bugs as possible. i did take down at least i'm gonna guess 500 more eggs and maybe 8 bugs or so well more like 30 + if you include the hatch lings.Normally i feel terrible about taking life. I even try to protect the spiders from my anti bug family. Lets just say squash bugs are on the same list as tick's, fleas, mosquito's, and biting flys death to all!!!Depending on the species of spider i am usually chill. well on to my next chore of the day. after my massacre of squash bugs was done i carried a bale of straw into the chicken yard and filled there coop so it would be cozy placed straw under my goats shelter and clipped wings. why clip wings today you ask? well it is because i woke up to a rooster crowing at my window sill at dawn then 20 minutes later a hen pecking bugs off my window. I am sure you can imagine not the best start to my morning seeing as i didnt fall asleep till 5 am. I just couldnt sleep so i journal-ed and just as i was slipping into a peaceful sleep i hear "mommy i wanna sleep with you. so then i had to rearrange the dog my pillows and move my books off the bed. Oh it gets funnier. we fall asleep to be awoken to a cat in desperate or so he thought need to cuddle on our faces. again i fall asleep to wake up at 7 with my dog wanting to go tinkle outside. i take him lay back down and hear the grinding of the ice machine in the fridge. ooo i hate that ice machine. then my son wakes up gets on the computer and is insistent that he has to upgrade his pirate guy and needs a credit card number!! Well that was the end of my sleep. So really i am shocked ( as is my mother) at the amount of work i accomplished today. I even kept the kids fed and involved in most of my activities! All this outside work was because Jesus heard my prayers and blessed me with a soft cool breeze! oh and 2 cups of coffee an energy drink and so so much water.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

never ending

I hate squash bugs! Like never want to see another one ever ever ever again!!! They are every where in my gourds and watermelons. They have already killed all my giant pumpkin vines off. Horrible little beasties. I have worked on my hands and knees with my chin to the dirt looking for eggs on the bottom of leaves. So far i think i have killed a thousand eggs.And the adults are so so hard to kill.You have to split them in half with a garden spade. I even tried stomping on them with my boot. They will not die!Well they will but not easily. Oh and they flippin fly!!!HATE!
On the bright side my gourds are still growing beautifully and my bells and jalapenos are crazy producers! It's good cuz bell peppers coast a dollar at the store.The cucumbers are doing well as is the corn. I also weeded today. We have a lot of grass growing up i think its because we tilled and planted before i let the grass grow up and pulled it out. I discovered it's easier to work outside in the garden when it is 95+ degrees outside while under the sprinkler. I got a lot done out there. More tomorrow. I will eradicate those stupid bugs.Its gonna happen I wont stop!!! If you see this bug kill kill kill!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Do you know where you're food comes from?

I am just now really getting to do what i have wanted to do with the knowledge I have gained over years of reading and research. I want to know that what I am eating is healthy and not altered in any unnatural way.
This year as you know i have started a tiny garden and am enjoying it tremendously. Even the kids enjoy it. The problem is most of my seed or seedlings came from walmart so we know for sure they are mass produced genetically modified plants.Not good for seed saving or the preservation of dying breeds. Not to fear tho i just received my seed order from Sandhill Preservation Center.Sandhill is an amazing company, even if they are old school in mail in orders only, because they are concerned about our welfare.They grow and sell the seeds of heritage plants* and chickens. so check them out online and order a catalog. So next year i will have a huge garden from which i can feed my family from knowing it was grown as natural as possible.
My hens will be laying soon and we will be enjoying fresh eggs. You must must try and stop buying mass produced eggs. This industry is one of my least favorite for the amount of animals they torture for your eggs on a daily basis. Don't believe me? Check this out
copy and paste it in your browser bar.... if that's not enough for you just google images of chicken egg production.
We have to look back at the potato famine and remember why it happened and do what we can to prevent it here. WE must keep our food genetically diverse.Now I could go on but i wont. I will save some for another post.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

sweat baby sweat

Ugh this humid heat. I have been doing well with the heat until this week. It is insanely bad this week. My garden has slightly suffered from my absence. It did get watered today and i killed a couple squash bugs. Squashed them with a gourd!!
Today was a hot hot day. I went out to hose down the horses and check waters and i was sweating like crazy. I was with a hose and still hot as can be.Alice,the horse,neighed at me when i was filling water to squirt her down,when i stopped she got mad at me so i wet her down more. Then i went out to the garden, bent down to pick up the sprinkler, and sweat just poured off my face. Even the chickens were lazy in the heat. Usually they run up to me when i bring them scraps, today they took there sweet time. My blue didnt even play like he usually does when we are outside. he actually ditched me and sat in the shade.Tomorrow i am pushing myself back outside! I have to tend to my garden and my chicken coop!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So after many of days, 16 to be exact, it is done. And it is fabulous!!!No one else in the house cares for it but thats ok more for me! I didnt take any pics of the first batch which is odd because i take Pictures of everything. after all i did even take pictures of the carpet i was pulling up. that was a day! i pulled up 2 rooms of nasty old carpet and the carpet padding. blech! i even took it all to the dump and unloaded it on almost the hottest day known to man ever! Any who i will take a picture of this batch. its just sooo yummy!i am thinking about selling it thru a co op or something you know once it gets going. that reminds me i should go check my keffir!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chicken Coop

The Coop. Sigh....... I thought it would be easy, after all how hard could a box with legs be? Well it was hard. It took me several days in hot humid weather with help from Alice and well it is what it is. I know when my dad see's it he will more than likely laugh. The important thing is it keeps the chickens safe at night.Alice and I worked until dark and got bit up like crazy!! Alice looks like she has the chicken pox, poor thing. The kids helped paint it. The goat has herself covered with paint by rubbing all over the coop. I pray i never have to build one ever again! Oh but wait I need to build the pony a shelter! dum dum duummmmm

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I was sitting by my garden just looking at it as i do almost every day when i noticed something different. Well half my tomato bushes had no leaves. So i rushed over and dropped to my knees to figure it out, let me just admit now i almost cried. Then i saw it- one of the biggest horn worms i ad ever seen still happily chomping on leaves. I could not believe how fast it was eating!! Horrid thing had family too!! I plucked each and every one off my poor tomato plants, and those things held on tight... stupid bug! Any who i went to feed them to my chickens and the chickens were afraid of them sigh so i cut them all in half. haha i had to close my eyes to do it, such a wimp! well then the chickens had no problem pecking away at them. But wait, the fun doesnt stop there! The big max pumpkins had these awful little gray beetles that were sucking the life right out of the vines. I tell you what that really got me going. they even laid ugly eggs. Bugs were every where. I went to tractor supply and bought some organic approved pesticide. And the ah they died.... peaceful garden. I was peaceful it was all good..... until the chicken coop..... continued on the next blog : )

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday, May 28, 2010

My First Blog

Please nobody expect proper spelling or punctuation in this here blog of mine. It's more just an outlet for me to talk about what I'm doing without driving my family nuts : ) Most of it will be about my adventures in gardening, bread making, making stuff with milk, and my chickens.Oh maybe a bit about my pony ms. dixie sprinkles.

Today we went to the Dairy Farm to get raw milk! What a blast that was!!! I wish i would have thought to take a picture. Oh well next time... Any who you know your milk is fresh when you hear the cows mooing while being milked in the next room.Everyone was very nice considering I'm wearing a black dress with spider webs and my tattoo's were all showing haha. I was even invited by a woman about my age with a son about emilys age to join a holistic moms club. I am going to go to a meeting and see how it goes before i sign up i think. all of which i will more than likely post about here.
Also i went to the library today and borrowed a couple of new books. All are about baking or cooking in some way. One was a book of bread recipes, and i am currently using the challah bread recipe. I have one already that i make often but i thought i would try something new. It is currently in its second rise stage and i am taking pictures. And i will be eating this bread tomorrow with the butter i make from my fresh cream i am pulling from my milk. Please Jesus let it work!!! I will try and post my pictures of the finished bread. But with Dial Up who knows.